Chapter 2 Platform Overview

The Sticky Pi project contains several interconnected tools. A github organisation features the material (source code, data, CAD files, …) for each individual tool.

Here is a list of all the tools:

Name Description
sticky-pi-device The Hardware and software for the Sticky Pi cameras (i.e. device)
sticky-pi-device-v2 The improved version of the smart traps (in development)
sticky-pi-data-harvester The Hardware and software for the Data Harvester
sticky-pi-data-harvester-v2 The improved version of the Data Harvester (in development)
sticky-pi-api Server and client api and the docker services for the server webapps
sticky-pi-ml Machine learning for the Sticky Pi project
sticky-pi-manuscript Manuscipt material and experiments for the 2021 method publication Source code of this documentation

TODO include image here: platform. A clickable svg would be great

This is an overview of the main components of the platform. The details of each part will be explain further.