Chapter 4 Mobile App

In order to retrieve the data from the Sticky Pis, we provide an Android mobile app Sticky Pi Data Harvester. This page describes how to install and use this app.


You can either install the app though the official Google play (WIP), or manually, using android studio (advanced).

Through Google Play

Work in progress

Manual Installation

This is the advanced approach, mostly for developers and testers.

  1. Clone the app repository
  2. Install Android Studio
  3. Make a new project for the app
  4. Compile and upload the app to the phone (using USB or wifi)


In the “SETTINGS” menu, the API settings (Host, User name, Password) are the address (e.g. api.<> and logging credentials – with write access) for the harvester user. See the webserver documentation for detail. These settings are exclusively to upload data to the cloud.

There are also user preferences you can tick:

  • Delete local images after upload – to save storage on your phone, the app can delete images on the phone when they have been uploaded to the cloud (API)
  • Enforce geolocation before syncing – this setting prevents you from retrieving data from Sticky Pis unless your GPS is functioning. The default (on) means Sticky Pis retrieve their approximate location from the phone when syncing.