Chapter 9 Issues and community


Sticky Pis are a research tool. As such, they are – and will always be – as free and open-source as possible. If you use Sticky Pis as part of your research, please cite our reference publication.

Having troubles

If you are having issues or you want help with something, the best thing you can do is fill an “issue” on the github repository of the relevant tool.


We welcome external contributions and hope Sticky Pis develops as part of a computational entomology community.

There are several ways you can contribute:

  • By requesting features and reporting bugs through the github issue system
  • By sending pull requests to preexisting tools
  • By volunteering to maintain/develop a tools

Authors and Contacts

Sticky Pis are developed at the Plant-Insect Ecology and Evolution lab at UBC, Vancouver in collaboration with the Haney Lab and the Insect Biocontrol lab. Do not hesitate to contact Quentin Geissmann, the main contributor of the project, for inquiries. Daphne Chevalier and Wei (Tom) Xie helped generating and curating content for this documentation.